BoomBox (UKR) - Sunnuntai 07.04.2019

Boombox is a funk, hip hop and rock band. It was formed in 2004 in Kiev by the vocalist of the “Graphit” group Andrei Khlyvnyuk and the guitar player of the ”Tartak” band Andrei Samoilo. Mostly the songs of the group are performed in Ukrainian, but there are also Russian and English songs.

Boombox concerts are characterized not only by their passionate and energetic music, but also by how they get the crowd involved in the show – be it by singing or just grooving along. Maybe the most striking feature of Boombox is their elegance, style, and ability to make an appearance at just the right time and place.

The group’s authenticity is not in doubt, as you’ll likely never hear another group that sounds quite like them. Every Boombox concert delivers the unique combination of quality music and unforgettable fun.


BoomBox (UKR)

The Circus, Salomonkatu 1-3, Narinkkatori HKI

Doors will open at 17:00

Concert begins at 18:30.