IVAN DORN (UA) - Sunnuntai 10.11.2019

Ivan Dorn is a singer, DJ and producer with an overabundance of quirky uniqueness. His boundary pushing fashion style, fancy footwork and outgoing contagious personality has lit the European music industry like a wildfire.

Ivan Dorn’s international debut starts with “Collaba”, a provocative lo-fi hip-hop single infused with elements of jazz, pop and funk sprinkled with a touch of IDM.  In 2016 Ivan Dorn moved to Los Angeles and started working on his first English-language album OTD. The album was produced by the Grammy winner “Bassy” Bob Brockmann. OTD was released in March 2017.

”No longer bound to Eastern Europe, the whole world's eyes are on him!” - Vogue USA

”Vibrant beat that sinks deep into your soul from the moment it hits”- Billboard

”Ivan continues to defy the boundaries of the musical landscape while bridging the gap between underground and mainstream scenes” - YourEDM.

”If Phil Collins died, then was reincarnated into a young Ukrainian man who has been listening to a lot of classic Prince records.” – High Snobiety

” The tune itself is one of the funkiest things Dorn has put out yet with a mix of ‘70s disco, pop and house and is a sign of things to come on his upcoming album OTD” – Magnetic Mag


10.11.2019  Ivan Dorn (UA)

The Circus, Helsinki

Doors: 18:00

Tickets: from 27,50€