Jay Park SEXY4EVA TOUR in Europe - Torstai 17.10.2019

Jay Park 2019 SEXY4EVA WORLD TOUR in Helsinki was made as a result of the overwhelming demand of their fans on MyMusicTaste, a global online service that allows fans to request their favorite artists to their city. Presale tickets, exclusive to MyMusicTaste users who requested Jay Park in Moscow, will be available on June 8 at 13:00 local time. General sales on tickets to the public will then begin on June 10 at 12:00 local time
If you have requested Jay Park x Helsinki on MyMusicTaste, your unique, one-time use promo code have been sent to your MMT-registered email and phone number. Enter your promo code at checkout to redeem your presale and 10% discount benefit! 
*If you are not a MyMusicTaste member yet, join us on https://mmt.fans/XLFc/ and request your favorite artist's concert! You too can have access to special perks when your dream concert becomes a reality! 
Agelimit +14y